garageband demos

by Jacob Bullard

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recorded on a 2007 macbook with on-board mic & garageband 5.1, mixed with Apple earbuds

headphones or loud speakers suggested


released January 7, 2015

all songs written and performed by jacob bullard



all rights reserved


Jacob Bullard Michigan

Hi! Solo Stuff here... Check out my band, Major Murphy

Engineer & Producer @ Sound of Skuzz

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Track Name: Just to Know
you're way is so Pretty, you're Pretty and Free, just to know what you're thinking when you're looking at me

i keep waiting for something, for some kind of Sign, a Star in the distance a glimmering Light

my face to the Window, i've been here before, how do you see me know when i'm outside your door?

you're bright as a Diamond, a beautiful sight, you're warm as the Sunlight after the Night

to ask you Question, lay it all on the Line, just to know what you're thinking in your own mind

i'd like just to tell you, i'd like you to See, i've been thinking of you babe, of how it could Be

so i'll wait out at midnight, yea i'll stand by the Moon, just to know if you'd like me to be there with You
Track Name: My Love (Your Love)
My Love, it's caught up on Your Love
it's caught up on all of your ways that brighten my days
yea, i'm real when i say, i could never look away
since you opened my eyes & i looked deep inside
now i'm singing a song for Your Love

My Love is thinking of Your Love
i'm thinking of all of the ways that we seek to explain but
our interests are plain & our questions still remain so, i'm
calling you for you & i'll wait to get through
just singing a song for Your Love

(My Love, still caught up on Your Love
complete me with all of the ways you brighten my days
yea, i'm real when i say, i could never look away
the music was true and it led me to you
now i'm singing a song for Your Love)

there was something in your eyes, made me feel like a child
but a Child's just a Fool, to the World, that is Cruel,
but if Cruel is a Game then i will not Play cause it keeps me away from Your Love,

i'm in Love,
so in Love,
yea, Love

My Love, still reaching for Your Love, i'm thinking of
Track Name: You
well, i heard freedom sits within the hands of its master and if everyone was free there'd be no one to blame, cause when everything around just keeps moving faster, it's not too hard to fade or to just look away

but baby, i've seen something i'd like to remember, and i've seen good and bad in every color of gray, but when i'm with you the world's filled with laughter and i just wanna stay no i can't turn away

yea you are all i am after, no nothing, nobody else could ever do
cause babe it's true that you let nothing past you, you just walk your own way every step, every day

well, i know sometimes it may seem that i'm merely an actor, i toe the line, collect my dues at the end of the day, and every scene that i'm in seems to be moving backwards but i'm ready to play when they call out my name

but i know you are all that i'm after, no nothing else seems to be coming through, yea babe it's true that you let nothing past you, you just walk your own way every step, every day
Track Name: Sweet Singing Lady
Sweet Singing Lady, why do you go from me? i'd like just to hold you, i'd like to always be, sitting at your feet

Sweet Singing Lady, playing your tambourine, no one could stop you, but everyone can see how your heart moves with the beat

Sweet Singing Lady, sweet as a flower in spring, emerald beauty, lays in the grass so free, watches everything

Sweet Singing Lady, don't go away from me, it's so good when i'm with you, sweet, sweet harmony, songbird, songbird sing
Track Name: Mary
aw Mary where ya going? are you leaving for a day? i know that you're going someplace just where, i couldn't say, are you wishing your last penny to the bottom of a well, is there something you believe in? if there is, i couldn't tell

i'm standing on the corner, i'm standing on a line, that Mary she's just staying on my mind, see you on the TV i can see you on the Phone i can see you high upon that throne, a captive to memories you don't own, but you play em back time & time again when you're alone, it's not a pleasant thing but i know it's how it goes

so Mary where you going? how could i pretend that nothing ever changes? that was now and this is then, yea i think you're becoming an even brighter star, won't you keep on shinning no matter where you are

but so many things will try and drag you down, they will turn your song into an empty sound, see the judge commission just based upon a whim, to some it's law to others it's a sin, to many more it's a tangled mess we're in, but i think it's true, that when you are at the end, you're closest then to where you once began
Track Name: Run (Living Color)
at the Ocean's side there is always laughter, Alabaster on the waves, and when your Run, Run to the water's edge, bright sky above your head, you lay down your burdens and you float away, down, down, down, it's a simple thing, one day with You, and i'm laid low i can hardly move, Sweet Moon is coming on the Rise, Sweet Moon would you stay with me tonight?

i want to get away, to a place where the children play, i bet you would like to stay, just one more day, because you're Free, Free, to let it out, tell the World what it's all about, but there was hardly any doubt when i found You that it was good, good, good, as good can be, can you hear the Music playing? these days, it's all i hear, nothing else is coming in so clear, nothing else is coming quite so clear

i want to live a life in Living Color, not any other will do for me, so i'll see through what i've begun, take it all right as it comes, kinda like a river Runs, to the Sea, you've got to Run
Track Name: Long Road
don't you wonder which way to go? sometimes seems a little hard to know, see a sign, take a guess, in the end it's nothing less than a Long Road, doesn't matter how you roll, take it Fast, take it Slow

there's a light up in the sky, through the Day and in the Night, sometime's it's shinning right on you, sometimes it's Cold, sometime's Blue, but when it's Good and when it's True, then it's just enough to get you through, Long Road take me somewhere New

there's a stop along the way, you can here the people say, "Long Road take me home again, Long Road take me to the end", and there's Rain & there's Sun, never ceasing sense it's begun, there's a Prize to be Won

guess i'd really like to stay, don't want anything to change, i'd like to stay right at your side, lay down with you for awhile, but it's a Long Road with so many things still to show, so let them In and let them Go
Track Name: Young Man
i was a young, young man living life from my mothers hand, wake up in the morning, feeling alright, not a thing to do, no trouble in sight, songbirds are calling, singing only for me, bright sun shinning down it's not hard to believe when you're just a young man, simple young man, your eyes are wide, you're satisfied, you're walking in a dream

i'm just a young, young man do my best to understand the way of the world and all it's coming to be, the way i should act when you're looking at me, got that strange reputation, got that sensitive mood, dark clouds over me make it hard to get through when you're just a young man, simple young man, you draw a line down in the sand and see what you can do

life is a long, long time, and i do think of you as the days go by, golden sun at the start of my day, pale, pale moon when you're turning away, the future before you like a road in the night, you're just starring down and there's no end in sight when you're just a young man, simple young man, you stop to think where you began and float into a dream
Track Name: Always Be
is there any such thing that could always be? something that stays despite every strange turn of phrase in our modern age, such a strange turn of days can be hard to say

gone down the way and you're back again, there's a light at the start and at the end, there's a part in between that's a little dense, when it's coming to you in the present tense, still there's something that's sweet, keeps you coming back, but it moves with the wind, kinda hard to catch, then it feels like a game that can't be won and it seems like a song that can't be sung, and it's hard to believe that a day could come when every right would outdo the wrong

well, it's hard to explain, how to say it best, when every word sounds like all the rest, i've been floating away on a funny dream, been spending my time pulling at the seams,

see the people that pace on the avenue, see what's laid down to waste when the day is through, but i'm leaving today and i think it's good, yea i'm turning the page like i know i should, but i wanna be true to what's at hand, won't throw it away, wanna understand, what's happening with you and what's with me, just to know what it is and what will be, yea how could i leave before it's gone? gotta take every step and they're coming on...